21 Days of Yoga

On the return flight from visiting my family in Wisconsin I picked up the newest edition of Yoga Journal.  Inside was an article challenging the reader to a 21-day challenge.  Inspiring, to say the least!  The best part is I you don’t have to leave my house – that is the best part, I keep telling myself.  A home practice can be amazing.  It can be as long or as short as I have allotted time.  I don’t have to drive anywhere.  My savasana can be as long as it needs to be J  that is a wonderful idea.  Anytime I practice at home I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the practice.  I can be using my intuition and truly tuning in to my body or taking inspiration from a favorite DVD. 

Sitting on the plane I decided to begin early.  The YJ challenge doesn’t start until January 10th.  I’d be a step ahead if I start on the first of January.  Here’s the reality of a home practice for a strong Vata/Pitta combination:

  • Jan. 1st – enjoyed time with my family (husband and two smooth fox terriers) they didn’t make the trip.
  • Jan 2nd – Great practice at Yoga Kamala using a Groupon!
  • Jan 3rd – Another good practice at Yoga Kamala, reinforcing the practice of pratyahara.
  • Jan 4th – fighting a regular flu bug, by regular I mean that it usually knocks me on my butt by the first Saturday back to life as a high school teacher.  It’s a regular thing for me – let’s see how I can use yoga to chase that samskara from me J
  • Jan 5-7 – started teaching my yoga classes to my high school students once the lockers were assigned and other business taken care of.  Three classes daily – it felt good to start a regular practice teaching my love of yoga.
  • Jan 8th – track coaches clinic – no yoga 😦 but no flu either 🙂

I’ve signed up, made the commitment.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

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